Best Home Gyms Under 500$ – Reviews [2019]

best home gyms under 500$If you are on a budget but still want to get a decent enough home gym that you can use to achieve your fitness goals – you know, build muscle, lose weight and look good – then this article is for you.

We get it, not everyone has time to commute to a crowded commercial gym every day. That’s where buying a home gym comes in. But not everyone has the budget to spend 2 or 3 grand on it either.

That’s why we have spent hours researching and reviewing each and every one of these next home gyms and we have carefully put together a list of the best home gyms under 500$ that you can buy in 2019.


Best Home Gyms Under 500$

These home gyms were reviewed taking into consideration their durability, functionalities, and features, as well as the quality of the machine.

We’ve also included a Buyer’s Guide at the end of the article where we explain what you should be looking for in a home gym.

Product ImageProduct NameTotal Resistance 
best home gyms under 500$Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym210lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Marcy 150-lb Stack Home Gym | MWM-990150lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Marcy Home Gym | MWM-988150lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Gold's Gym XR 55 Home Gym330lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$XtremepowerUS Home Gym w/ 100lbs100lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Goplus Home Gym100lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Weider 2980 Home Gym214lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$XtremepowerUS Home Gym90lbs Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Marcy Free Weight Home GymWeights NOT included Check Price
best home gyms under 500$Gold's Gym System125lbs Check Price


Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym – Most Versatile

best home gyms under 500$Created by the prestigious fitness equipment company Bowflex, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is definitely our top pick.

Driven by 210lbs of Power Rod resistance it allows you to perform 25 different strength training exercises, which is more variety than you’ll probably need.

Its vertical bench press and pulley system allow for incline, decline and flat angle adjustments that lets you perform your presses, pulldowns and even weighted crunches if you want to.

It also features a built-in rowing station that you can use to get your cardio in on your rest days, or perhaps as part of your warm-up before your strength training.

In addition to that, it has a built-in media rack that you can fit your smartphone or tablet on, that you can use to watch Bowflex’s instructional videos and their 7 trainer built workouts.

The workout bench is foldable which means you can just fold it up to save space when you’re not using the machine.

It cuts down the total space taken up by roughly half, which is great if you plan on working out in your office or perhaps even in your bedroom, and you need to make the most out of the space.

However, if you’re a serious weightlifter or bodybuilder, and are looking for a machine that will allow you to go super heavy in weight, I’m afraid this isn’t the home gym for you as you can’t go any heavier than 105 lbs per side. 

On the other hand, if you’re just trying to get in shape and build some muscle, this is a great option at an affordable price.

In short, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is a great home gym that will allow you to get an efficient full body workout, including cardio, thanks to its clever and innovative design.

It’s great for people who want to get in shape and build some muscle and definition, but not something for serious weightlifters or bodybuilders.

Gear Specifications & Features
Resistance: 210 lbs

Nº of Possible Exercises: 25+

Leg Extension/Curl: Yes

Aerobic Rowing: Yes

Folding: Yes

Dimensions: 208 L x 203 W x 209 H cm

Workout Area Dimensions: 203 x 262 cm


  • Built-in rowing
  • Changing resistance and positions is easy
  • Operation of the cable and pulleys is smooth
  • Handgrips & leg press belt included
  • Built-in media rack
  • 7 Free trainer built workouts
  • Easy assembly
  • Foldable


  • Not suitable for serious weightlifters/bodybuilders

Marcy 150-lb Stack Home Gym | MWM-990 – Best Value For Money

best home gyms under 500$The Marcy 150-lb Stack Home Gym is made with heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods to hold the weights in place during your workouts.

Like the name tells you, this home system comes with a 150 lbs selectorized weight stack that can be customized according to your current level of strength to reduce the stress of loading and unloading weight plates with a safety lock.

It features a dual action arms press that you can use both for the chest press and the vertical butterfly and also an upper pulley system that enables you to do lat pulldowns.

Additionally, it also comes with a removable preacher bicep curl pad that you can use to isolate those biceps.

And so you can get a full body workout in the system also enables you to do leg extensions and leg curls with its dual-function leg developer. No excuses to skip leg day there.

Furthermore, this machine is equipped with ergonomically designed seats with high-density boxed upholstery.

One thing that we do not like about the product is that although Marcy shows a straight curling bar in the promotional video for the product, it is not included. However, you can get one for about 18$ or so.

Also, this is a pretty compact home gym system so if you’re over 5’11” it might be too small for you.

All in all, this home gym is pretty decent and definitely does its job. It’s well designed and nice to look at which is always a plus.

Gear Specifications & Features
Resistance: 150lbs

Nº of Strength Training Exercises: 30+

Leg Extension/Curl: Yes

Unit Dimensions: 62” L x 43 W x 78” H

Unit Weight: 125lbs

Total Weight: 275lbs


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Great design
  • Removable bicep curl pad included
  • 150 lbs of weight
  • Weight stack lock


  • Bicep curl bar shown in promo vid NOT included
  • Might be too small for people over 5’11”
  • Poorly written assembly instructions

Marcy Home Gym | MWM-988 – Great Design

best home gyms under 500$Another Marcy home gym that’s made it onto our list is the Marcy MWM-988 Home Gym which is the previous model to that reviewed above.

It’s pretty similar to the MWM-990 model in terms of its features but boasts a lower price point, which is nice.

The construction is 14 gauge heavy-duty steel and its finished with a vinyl coating for extra durability.

The weight stack is the same as the MWM-990 model – 150lbs.

It also features a dual function arm press and double pulley station design.

The machine is equipped with a preacher bicep pad which is fully adjustable.

It is also a full body workout piece of equipment with its dual function “leg developer” that will allow you to do leg extensions and curls.

There seem to be two main problems with this home gym. Firstly, the assembly instructions are not clear and some reviewers have called them ‘terrible’.

Secondly, the machine seems to be too small for people over 6 feet tall and that have a longer reach.

Overall, it is almost identical to the MWM-990 but I’d say this one, being a little bigger, will suit taller people better than the 990 (but probably not over 6′ tall).

The main takeaway is that it is also a great home gym as the previous model but less expensive.

Gear Specifications & Features
Resistance: 150lbs

Leg Extension/Curl: Yes

Bicep curl pad: Yes

Unit Dimensions: 68” L x 35 W x 79” H

Unit Weight: 130lbs

Total Weight: 280lbs


  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel construction
  • Well designed
  • Adjustable bicep curl pad included
  • Leg extension/curl included
  • 150 lbs of weight


  • Poor instructions
  • Some reviewers have noted that it might be too small for people over 6′ tall

Gold’s Gym XR 55 Home Gym – Most Weight Resistance

best home gyms under 500$The Gold’s Gym XR 50 Home Gym system has 330 lbs of weight resistance. Like many of the other home gym systems on this list, the Gold’s XRS 55 also features a combination of chest press & fly station and features a 4-roll leg developer you can use to train your lower body also.

It is equipped with a high pulley system where there’s a multi-grip lat bar you can use to build up your back.

This model also features a preachers curl pad you can use to hit your biceps.

The seating is black sewn vinyl and the machine itself sports the legendary bodybuilding Gold’s Gym logo on the side.

It comes with a personal trainer designed exercise chart and the machine can hold up to 300lbs in weight capacity.

You also get a 90-day warranty on this home gym.

One drawback with this home gym is that the weights are not labeled. You need to refer to a chart to see how much your lifting approximately.

This is probably due to the pulley systems creating an approximate resistance and not exactly an exact weight.

Furthermore, the weight jumps on the machine are about 30lbs, which is probably fine for beginner bodybuilders/weight lifters that can add a lot of weight to lifts due to the so-called ‘noob gains’ during the beginner’s phase. But for more advanced weight lifters this might be an issue.

Additionally, if you’re over 5’10”, this home gym system might be too tight for you.

Overall, this is a sturdy and durable home gym that allows you to go quite heavy in weight.

Features & Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 79″ H x 65″ L x 39″ W

125-lb Vinyl weight stack – 330 lbs. max resistance

Adjustable and cushioned seats

Exercise chart included

Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Preachers Bicep Curl Pad
  • Leg developer
  • 330 lbs in max resistance
  • Fairly Inexpensive


  • Weight adjustment – 30 lb jump
  • Time consuming to put together
  • Probably too small for people taller than 5’10”

XtremepowerUS Home Gym w/ 100lbs – Budget Friendly

best home gyms under 500$This next home gym station by XtremepowerUS keeps things pretty simple.

It features a chest press and flies station, with an overhead lat bar and a leg developer as well, allowing you to get a full upper body workout that way.

To adjust the weight you would like to use you simply take out and insert the pin needle in the weight stack.

I don’t like the fact that it only comes with a 100lb-weight stack as you could potentially outgrow that weight in a relatively short amount of time. 

As for its design, it comes in a nice black color which allows you to fit it nicely into almost any room in your home. Except for the kitchen perhaps.

All in all, a cheap home gym station that gets the job done.

Features & Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 55” H x 41” L x 80” W

100-lb Weight stack

Leg developer: Yes

Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Cheap
  • Leg developer: Yes


  • Only 100-lb weight stack
  • No bicep pad

Goplus Home Gym – Extremely Budget Friendly

best home gyms under 500$This next home gym station is yet another great budget friendly option on our list.

There’s nothing innovative or wildly different from the other home gyms. The main thing that sets this one apart from the previous one has got to be its heavy-duty steel construction.

Apart from that, it’s pretty similar to the previous home gym machine. It is likewise equipped with a dual function arm press – for chest presses and flies -, a high and low pulley system featuring a lat station and a leg developer.

Unlike most of the machines on this list though, it does not come with a preacher bicep curl pad and its weight stack is only 100 lbs which you can outgrow relatively soon.
Overall, this unit by Goplus is pretty sturdy and durable with a couple of drawbacks.

Nonetheless, it is still a great, viable budget option you can add to your home gym. 

Features & Gear Specifications
Unit Dimensions: 50” H x 39” L x 82” W

Material: Steel

Weight Stack: 100lbs

Net Weight: 180lbs

Weight Capacity: 243lbs

Leg developer: Yes

Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Leg developer: Yes
  • Cheap


  • Relatively light weight stack – only 100lbs
  • No bicep curl pad

Weider 2980 Home Gym – Cheap and Simple

best home gyms under 500$The Weider 2980 Home Gym is your standard home gym.

It features a double function chest/fly station for your pressing movements, a high-pulley with a lat bar for your pulling movements, and a low-pulley equipped with a leg developer for your leg presses and curls.

Speaking of curls this station also has the commodity that is a preacher bicep curl pad.

The total weight capacity for the unit is of 300lbs in user weight.

Its major drawback is the actual weight of the machine – just an 81lb weight stack to its name. However, the total resistance of the machine adds up to 214lbs due to the friction of the pulley system.

So you can still go quite high in weight resistance although it can be hard to know for sure exactly how much you’re lifting.

In short, the Weider 2980 doesn’t add anything new to the table but is still a pretty viable budget option for those looking for a compact home gym.
Features & Gear Specifications
Unit Dimensions: 65” L x 37” W x 76” H

Weight Stack: 81lbs

Total resistance: 214lbs

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Unit weight: 175lbs

Leg developer: Yes

Preacher Bicep Pad: Yes Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Inexpensive
  • Leg developer and Bicep pad included
  • Pretty heavy overall resistance – 214lbs


  • Hard to know exactly how much you’re lifting – not good if you’re a number’s person

XtremepowerUS Home Gym – Good For Beginners

best home gyms under 500$This is the second XtremepowerUS home gym model that has made it onto the list.

The main differences between the previous one and this one are that this model features an adjustable preachers bicep curl pad and is bigger than the last one, that is lengthier.

As to the design they’re really similar. Both are equipped with a combined chest and fly press station, high and low-pulley systems for a lat pulldown station and a leg developer.

This model has about 10lbs less than the earlier one. So you’re left with a 90-lb weight stack which many people may find too light for them.

All in all, the machine is well made and designed but there’s not a lot of weight to lift which means you can find yourself outgrowing this machine pretty quickly.
Features & Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 68”L x 40” Wx 80” H i

Weight Stack: 90lbs

Unit weight: 209lbs

Leg developer: Yes

Preacher Bicep Pad: Yes Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Leg developer: Yes
  • Preacher bicep curl pad: Yes


  • Lightweight stack: 90 lbs – easy to outgrow
  • Some reviewers have noted that the assembly instructions are a bit confusing

Marcy Free Weight Home Gym – Good If You Already Own Weights

best home gyms under 500$This is the 3rd Marcy Home Gym on the list and for good reason. The company knows what it’s doing.

This has got to be the cheapest home gym from them and so it keeps things very simple.

Dual function press/fly station, high and low-pulley systems equipped with lat bar and leg developer respectively.

No bicep curl pad. And no weights.

The machine is intended to accommodate Olympic and standard size 200-lb plates – it just doesn’t come with any. Hence the very cheap price tag on this model.

It holds up to 300 lbs in maximum weight capacity and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Overall, a pretty solid machine that’ll get the job done for under 200$.

Who is this machine for? I’d say for people that want to replace their previous home gym station and that already own weight plates. 
Features & Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 56” L x 38” W x 84” H

Weight Stack: No

Unit weight: 108lbs

Leg developer: Yes

Preacher Bicep Pad: No Weight Capacity: 300lbs


  • Cheap
  • 2-year Manufacturer warranty
  • Good for people who already own weights or a weight stack from a previous home gym


  • Weights NOT included
  • No bicep curl pad

Gold’s Gym System

best home gyms under 500$This is a vintage Home Gym station coming from Gold’s. This model is almost identical to their XRS 55 but slightly less expensive and with a more vintage style.

You can expect the good old Gold’s Gym logo printed on the side of the machine along with the standard set up for most of the stations across this list.

High and low-pulley systems that feature a lat pulldown station and a 4 foam leg developer. A combined chest & fly press station, a preacher bicep curl pad along with a 125-lb vinyl weight stack.

The biggest inconvenience is that the home gym may be shipped separately, which may result in you having to wait around a couple of days for every part to arrive at your house so you can actually start assembling it.

As with most home gyms, this one isn’t exactly a picnic to put together, but also not one of the worst.

The product comes with a 90-day warranty and holds up a person up to 300lbs.

In conclusion, this is a vintage home gym station from Gold’s Gym that supplies you with a 125-lb weight stack which can be plenty for many people.

Gets the job done for a reasonable price.

Features & Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 77.8” H x 24.2” L x 10” W inches

Weight Stack: 125-lbs

Unit weight: 130lbs

Leg developer: Yes

Preacher Bicep Pad: Yes

Weight Capacity: 300lbs 


  • Both leg developer and bicep pad included
  • 125-lbs weight stack
  • 90-day warranty
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space


  • May arrive in separate deliveries
  • Seat height not adjustable

Home Gyms – A Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a home gym station you should take into consideration a couple of key points.

Of course, these will change from individual to individual as everyone has different goals but these are the standard things that almost everyone should take into consideration.

Key Features

best home gyms under 500$One of the very first things you should consider when deciding on which home gym station to purchase should be its key features.

What do I mean by key features?

Well, that would be the features that enable the user, which is to say you, to perform the basic strength training movement patterns and exercises.

These basic strength movement patterns are:

  • your pressing movements such as the chest press and chest butterfly;
  • your pull movements such as the lat pulldown and rows;
  • your leg training movements such as leg presses and curls;

These are the basic features virtually every decent home gym should have.

Another feature that is not a must have but are definitely a nice complement would be a preacher bicep curl pad to isolate the biceps (who doesn’t love to train them guns?).

Most of the gym stations featured in our list include them.

Weight Stack / Overall Weight Resistance

best home gyms under 500$Every home gym out there basically uses two types of resistance: pure weight and/or additional resistance through their pulley systems or power rods.

Although most home gym systems provide their resistance through sheer weight stacks there are some more innovative models out there that rely solely on other means of resistance.

A good example of a home gym machine that relies solely on its power rod technology to provide resistance to its users is the Bowflex 1000.

While a good example of a home gym system that only uses sheer weight is the Marcy MWM-990.

There are benefits and drawbacks to these two methods but from a strict hypertrophy standpoint, resistance is resistance at the end of the day so they will both work for building muscle.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about this when it comes to picking your home gym system.

What you need to take a closer look at, is the total amount of weight or weight resistance that the machine provides and this will also depend on your fitness goals as well as the planned frequency of use.

If you are pretty serious about building muscle and getting stronger, you might want to choose a machine that allows you to go up to at least 150lbs-200lbs of resistance.

Otherwise, you will likely outgrow your machine pretty soon if you were to pick a machine that only comes with a 90-lb weight stack.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner or someone who’s just looking to burn some calories and keep fit, a lower weight resistance might last you for a good while.

Space & Dimensions

best home gyms under 500$Keep in mind that most home gyms are pretty compact, not to say straight up small.

Most of these home gym systems are not meant for people over 5’10” or 6′ tall.

So if you’re a tall person or have a particularly long reach (long limbs), you might want to double check if you can fit in the machine.

What ends up happening for most people over these heights, is that they either can barely fit in the seat or the range of motion they can accomplish through the machine is severely reduced.

Once you are sure you can fit in the machine, another thing you should keep in mind should actually be to determine where you plan on putting the system and if it can fit in your desired space.

Most people have no issues with this but if you only have a small space to dedicate toward your home gym set up, you might want to double check your dimensions so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Product Assembly

Lastly, you should take into consideration the assembly process of your home gym.

Most home gyms are pretty hard to put together by yourself and generally require 2 people and several hours of your time.

If you can’t find an extra pair of hands to help you out or don’t have the time to assemble it yourself, or maybe your handyman skills aren’t that great (hey, we can’t all be good at everything) be prepared to pay for someone else to do it and be prepared to add that to your overall budget.

To Conclude – Final Words

In conclusion, there still are plenty of good home gyms out there for you to choose from even if you are on a budget.

I hope our top 10 of the best home gyms under 500$ have helped you out and that you have found the right on for your specific goals and needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot us a comment down below and we’ll be sure to get to you asap!



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