Best Gymnastics Rings 2019 – Reviews [Top 10]

best gymnastics ringsAlthough the gymnastics rings have been around for ages, it hasn’t been until fairly recently that they’ve made their way into the mainstream fitness scene, owing much of the credit to the CrossFit community.

And that’s for good reason.

Have you ever seen a male gymnast’s physique?

They’re jacked out of their minds, especially the ones that specialize in the gymnastics rings apparatus.

But that doesn’t mean the rings are off limits for ‘regular’ fitness enthusiasts.

That’s why we have reviewed the best gymnastics rings in 2019 out there on the market right now.

Best Gymnastics Rings 2019

We have taken into account the price, durability and overall quality of the rings.

We’ve also added a Buyer’s Guide at the end of the article where we talk about what you should take into consideration when buying a set of gymnastics rings.

ImageProductMaterialWeight Capacity 
best gymnastics ringsRogue Gymnastic Wood RingsBaltic Birch Wood600lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsRep Fitness Wood Gymnastic RingsBaltic Birch Wood600lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsTitan Fitness Wooden Gymnastics RingsWood600lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsPACEARTH Wood Gymnastics RingsBirch Wood1500lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsEmerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastics RingsWood800lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsDouble Circle Wood Gymnastic RingsWood800lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsIron Bull Wooden Gymnastics RingsBaltic Birch Wood600lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsNayoya Gymnastic RingsPC Plastic2000lbs Check Price
best gymnastics ringsElite Sportz Gymnastic RingsPC Plastic300lbs Check Price
best gymnastics rings REEHUT Gymnastic RingsABS Plastic300lbs Check Price

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings – Best Overall

best gymnastics ringsRogue Fitness is one of the leaders in the Fitness Equipment Industry and is one of the official sponsors for the CrossFit Games.

We couldn’t expect anything other than great quality products from them and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered with their wooden gymnastics rings.

Made in the US using quality Baltic birch and heavy-duty nylon, this set of gymnastic rings will definitely serve you well for years to come.

They’re available in FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) specifications, which means they are 1.11” thick, and in standard size, at 1.25”, which means you can choose whatever size you like most.

The straps are 16′ long and 1.5” wide heavy-duty nylon which allows you to have complete freedom over where you want to hang the rings from – it doesn’t matter if it’s from a tall tree or simply your home pull up bar – and you can be sure they’ll hold your bodyweight and then some.

These rings are easily adjusted to any height you want due to their buckle system and are easy to step up as well.

Something that might hold me back is the fact that the straps that come with the rings are unfortunately unnumbered, which for me personally is a bit of a bummer as they are more easily adjusted if they were, but it’s not the end of the world.

I’m not a big fan of is the steep price tag that comes with this pair of rings. At $72 they are definitely on the expensive side. But you pay for quality I suppose.
All in all, the Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings are, in my opinion, the best gymnastics rings on the market right now and definitely a worthwhile investment. You really can’t go wrong with this set of rings.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 4lbs
Diameter: 1.11” or 1.25”
Material Type: Rings – Baltic Birch; Straps – Heavy Duty Nylon
Strap Length: 16′ or 40′
Strap Width: 1.5”


  • Comes in both FIG (1.11”) & Standard (1.25”) size
  • Made from quality Baltic Birch Wood
  • Heavy-duty 1.5” wide nylon straps
  • Velcro fasteners to keep excess strap secured
  • Straps available in different colors
  • Warranty available – 2 years for the rings & 1 year for the straps
  • American Made


  • Pricey
  • Unnumbered Straps

Rep Fitness Wood Gymnastic Rings – A Close Second

best gymnastics ringsThis second pair of gymnastics rings are brought to us by Rep Fitness and comes in at a close second choice.

Rep Wood Gymnastic Rings are professionally CNC machined and hand sanded rings made from quality Baltic birch.

The straps are 1.5” wide made from heavy-duty nylon.

These are also available in FIG or standard sizes and you can choose between 14ft and 7.5ft strap lengths.

The prices vary accordingly, the shorter straps being cheaper than the longer ones.

This can be good if you know you’ll only use the gymnastics rings in your indoors set up and don’t need all the extra strap length that could come in handy if you were to hang it from a solid tall tree branch, for example.

The cam buckles are also non-slip and you have the option to choose from numbered straps or unnumbered straps, which I like.

Numbered straps are just so much easier for you to adjust them quickly and accurately.

Once again you won’t need to worry about them holding up your bodyweight as these ones can hold up to 600lbs.

The only negative aspect I can find about these Rings is that a couple of reviewers have said that the markings on the numbered straps were uneven and therefore not a useful feature, but this is most likely one of the rare cases where the straps might’ve been faulty because the overwhelming percentage of customer’s reviews were very positive.

Rep Fitness has excellent customer service though, and if you should run into a similar problem I’m sure if you reach out to them they’ll sort out the trouble in no time.

Everything considered the Rep Wood Gymnastic Rings are an excellent choice for anyone who wants something of very high quality without having to pay the premium brand price that is inevitably the case with the Rings from Rogue.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.8 lbs
Diameter: 1.11” or 1.25”
Material Type: Rings – Baltic birch Plywood; Straps – Heavy Duty Nylon;
Strap Length: 7.5′ or 14′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 600lbs


  • Choice between FIG (1.11”) & standard size (1.25”)
  • Made from quality Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • No-slip cam buckles
  • The choice between 14′ and 7.5′ strap length & numbered or unnumbered straps
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Competitively priced
  • Velcro retention loop that keeps excess strap tidy


  • Some reviewers have come into faulty markings on the numbered straps.

Titan Fitness Wood Gymnastics Rings – A Quality Pair of Rings

best gymnastics ringsThis particular set of gymnastics rings is manufactured by Titan Fitness, a well-respected manufacturer in the Fitness Equipment Industry.

These are 1.25” in ring thickness and the straps are 15′ long and 1.5” in width.

Furthermore, they claim to hold up to 600lbs making them an extremely reliable choice for beginners and experts alike.

A pretty straightforward set.

Nothing fancy, not much choice between ring thickness or the length of the straps.

Just a straight up high quality, sturdy pair of rings that definitely get the job done.

No markings on the straps either which I’d like them to be but not necessarily a deal breaker, just a nice perk.

All in all, a durable and reliable pair of gym rings that will serve you well for years to come.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 4 lbs
Diameter: 1.25”
Strap Length: 15′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 600lbs


  • Heavy Duty Solid Wood
  • Long, Heavy Duty Straps
  • Sturdy


  • Unnumbered straps
  • No instructions on how to use

PACEARTH Wood Gymnastics Rings – Good For People Who Sweat A Lot

best gymnastics ringsThese Wood Gymnastics Rings by PACEARTH are made from Birch wood and are 1.26” in thickness.

The straps themselves are 1.5” in width and 14.76′ long.

The straps are also numbered which is always convenient when you’re trying to level them up and come equipped with secure serrated edge buckles.

Additionally, they come with some extra non-slip hand tapes that can be useful for those of you with sweaty hands, or simply sweat a lot during your workouts.

For those of us who don’t have big hands or simply like the FIG approved size, I’m afraid we’re out of luck – these aren’t available in 1.11”.

Overall, a good quality pair of gymnastics rings with some cool features that you definitely can’t go wrong with.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.8lbs
Diameter: 1.26”
Strap Length: 14.76′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 1500lbs


  • Heavy Duty Birch Wood Rings
  • Thick 1.5” Straps
  • Numbered Straps
  • Extra Non-slip Hand Tapes
  • Sturdy


  • Not available in FIG specs (1.11”)
  • Some reviewers have noted that the grip hand tapes don’t stick that well

Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastics Rings – A Sturdy Set

best gymnastics ringsThis company calls their rings the “Most Secure Gymnastics Rings” which is a statement that they justify by making their straps 1.5”x15′ with military-grade heavy duty webbing which can hold up to 800lbs in load which is more than you’ll ever need.

The rings themselves are made from solid wood and they’re 1.11” thick, making them fall into the FIG specifications category.

I don’t like the fact that they’re pricing these rings at almost $45 which seem to be a bit steep for such a simple product without any choice of ring thickness or strap length, color or markings.

With that being said, they are certainly durable and have a high degree of customer satisfaction which is always a good sign!

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.2lbs
Diameter: 1.11”
Strap Length: 15′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 800lbs


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Heavy Duty Wood
  • Military Grade Thick 1.5” Webbing


  • Unnumbered Straps
  • If you have big hands maybe some 1.25” Rings could suit you better

Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings

best gymnastics ringsFunny name for a fitness company – Double Circle – but don’t let that fool you, they make a pretty decent set of CrossFit rings, as they call them.

They are 1.25” in thickness with 15′ straps of 1.5” in width which will hold up to 800lbs in weight capacity.

The buckle system is a carabiner-style buckle which I personally don’t really like and think it’s probably not the most convenient.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean it can’t work.

Quality wise it’s probably as sturdy as the standard cam buckle but not the most convenient.

Use your best judgment.

It does come with an instructional eBook which could be good for beginners.

In conclusion, a solid pair of rings albeit a bit on the expensive side.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 4.1lbs
Ring Thickness: 1.25”
Strap Length:15′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 800lbs


  • Sturdy
  • Comes with an eBook with instructions and tips
  • Marked Straps


  • Carabiner-style Buckle System
  • Some reviewers have noted that the straps don’t line up thus making them faulty

Iron Bull Wooden Gymnastics Rings

best gymnastics ringsMade from high-quality baltic Birch these Iron Bull Wooden Gymnastics Rings are 1.25” in thickness; the straps are 1.5” wide made from thick Nylon webbing and 15′ long.

They will hold up to 600lbs which isn’t among the ones with the highest weight capacity but honestly should be more than you’ll ever need anyway so I wouldn’t worry about that.

The straps are marked with printed scales for fast height adjustments.

I don’t like that there’s no FIG size available as I’m a fan of the 1.11” ring thickness but if you prefer thicker rings that shouldn’t be an issue.
These are a high-quality set at a mid-price range that comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.8lbs
Ring Thickness: 1.25”
Material Type: Rings – Baltic Birch; Straps – Thick Nylon Webbing
Strap Length: 15′
Strap Width: 1.5”
Capacity: 600lbs


  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Markings on the Straps
  • Velcro Loops for holding excess strap


  • Not available in FIG (1.11”) specifications

Nayoya Gymnastic Rings – Good For Beginners

best gymnastics ringsLike I pointed out in the buyer’s guide you can find at the end of the article, wooden gymnastics rings are of superior quality than those made of plastic.

And, in my opinion, you’re better off investing in a wooden set right from the start.

However, gymnastics rings made out of plastic have one benefit: they are usually cheaper than those made out of quality wood.

And so, if you’re on a budget and/or are a beginner looking to try rings training and are not so sure if you’re really going to use them that much, buying them in plastic might make sense for you.

With that being said, not all plastic rings are made equal.

Made out of PC Plastic (stands for Polycarbonate) which is stronger and more durable than the commonly used ABS Plastic, the Nayoya Gymnastic Rings are actually one of the best quality plastic rings out there.

And if you like yellow, you’re in luck.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 2.95lbs
Material Type: Rings – PC Plastic
Strap Length: 12′
Capacity: 2000lbs


  • Made from PC Plastic (higher quality) than ABS Plastic
  • Claims to hold up to 2000lbs
  • Well rated on Amazon out of 1.7k reviews (avg.4.6/5)


  • Straps on the shorter side at 12′ long

Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings – Budget Friendly

best gymnastics ringsThe next plastic gym rings on the list are from a company called Elite Sportz Equipment.

They’re also built out of the more reliable kind of plastic known as PC Plastic but they’re cheaper than the ones from Nayoya.

The straps are 15′ long and they are unmarked, meaning they can be harder to adjust to the same height.

I don’t like the kind of dark clay gray these are painted with, they make them kind of visually unappealing in my opinion.
But on the bright side, they come with a 100% Satisfaction Warranty Policy so you can always return them and get a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

Overall these are great budget gym rings.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.6lbs
Diameter: 1.11” or 1.25”
Material Type: Rings – PC Plastic
Strap Length: 15′


  • Quality PC Plastic
  • Online instructional videos on how to set the rings up
  • Bonus Skipping Rope
  • 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Replacement Warranty


  • Unmarked straps
  • Ugly kind of dark clay gray color

REEHUT Gymnastic Rings – Extremely Budget Friendly

best gymnastics ringsThe last gym rings on this list are from REEHUT.

They are made out of ABS Plastic which is not as high quality as the commonly used PC Plastic known for being more durable and reliable used in the previous 2 plastic ring sets from Elite Sportz and Nayoya.

The straps are 15′ long and 1” thick and the rings themselves are 1” as well.

They claim they can support up to 300lbs in weight but judging from the thickness of the strap, which at 1” is considerably thinner than most other heavy-duty straps out there, that may have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

So if you’re on the heavier side, I wouldn’t recommend these particular set of rings.

To sum it up, a very cheap set that can get you started with your training and prepare you for better things down the road.

Gear Specifications
Product Weight: 3.35lbs
Ring Thickness: 1′
Material Type: Rings – ABS Plastic;
Straps – PC NylonStrap
Length: 15′
Strap Width: 1”
Capacity: 300lbs


  • 30-day Replacement/Refund Policy & 2-year Warranty
  • 16 Page eBook Included


  • ABS Plastic which is generally weaker and less durable than PC Plastic
  • Thin Straps – only 1”

Gymnastics Rings – Buyer’s Guide

At the end of the day, almost all gymnastics rings look alike and every other fitness company and their mom seems to be manufacturing them nowadays.

So it’s important to know what to look for in a pair of rings and what elements sets apart a quality pair of gymnastics rings from all the other ones.

There are a few elements to consider when buying yourself some gymnastics rings such as the material with which they are made, the size, the straps, and the buckle system.

The Material

best gymnastics ringsThere are three materials from which gymnastics rings are commonly made: wood, plastic, and metal.

Now, in my opinion, you should always get them in wood as wooden rings are more durable, provide you with a better grip and give you a thoroughly different feel from those made out of plastic and steel.

If you think that doesn’t make any sense, just get yourself a set of these and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Another common material is plastic, but I don’t recommend it.

I find that the grip isn’t as good and I’ve noticed that they’re not as sturdy.

Also, they feel kind of flimsy.

Some people might prefer plastic because they’re generally cheaper and can be used outdoors, but ideally, you’d want to get them in solid quality wood.

Metal is definitely the least common material you can find rings in and I’d say they’re mostly used for public parks and the like, and not at all meant for personal use – they’re far too heavy, hard to get a good grip and hard to take down and set up.

So if you think about it, there are really only two materials you should consider: wooden rings and plastic rings.

My opinion? Get them in wood, it’s worth the extra dollar.

The Size (width)

best gymnastics ringsThe size of the rings basically refers to its thickness.

The Rings come in two sizes: 1.11” (28mm) or 1.25” (3.1mm).

The former is referred to as FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) size which means they are in compliance with the gymnastics rings standards used by professional gymnasts in competitions such as the Olympics and is the size that all professional gymnasts compete on.

The latter is commonly referred to as standard or gym size and I’d say that’s the size in which you can find the rings at most gyms and they’re also popular among individuals looking to start training on them.

Which size should YOU choose?

It’s all up to individual preference.

Some people say that FIG spec rings (1.11”) are better for people with smaller hands while the standard size (1.25”) are better for people with bigger hands because it makes it easier to grip.

I prefer the FIG size just because that’s the first size I used when I first started training and I also like thinking that I’m using the same equipment as professional gymnasts who are able to perform outstanding feats of strength on them.

But ultimately does it really matter if they’re 1.11” or 1.25”?

Not really.

The Straps

best gymnastics ringsNow that we’ve talked about the actual ring itself, it’s time to talk about the straps and the buckle system.

These are usually included in the product of course and come in different widths.

Typically they range from about ~1” to 1.5”.

The straps are the things that going to be holding the rings up therefore also holding our bodyweight.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get the straps as thick as you can find them as these will be more sturdy and hold up better over the years.

Ideally, you’d get a set of gymnastics rings that come with 1.5” straps.

The Buckle System

There are a couple of buckles that I’ve seen on gymnastics rings: a cam-style buckle and a carabiner-style buckle.

The most commonly used though is definitely the cam buckle and I’ve seen very few manufacturers actually using a carabiner buckle.

From personal experience, I find that a cam buckle is more practical and easier to adjust than a carabiner buckle would be, so while it isn’t a major negative factor and I’m sure using a carabiner buckle could work, I just don’t see the need for it.

Keep it simple, stick to the cam buckle.

The most important thing is definitely that the buckle is of actually good quality!

How & Where To Set Up Your Rings

Now that you’ve chosen a pair of gymnastics rings you’re probably wondering how you actually set them up and where you should or could set them up right?

Well, let me explain.

How To Set Up Your Gymnastics Rings

Setting your gym rings up is actually pretty easy and most, if not all of the companies selling gym rings, will have their own instructions on how to set up their particular set of rings with their particular straps and buckles so you’d obviously want to follow those instructions when you get your set in the mail.

With that being said, here’s a 4 step guide to setting up your gymnastics rings safely:

  • Throw your straps over whatever object or structure you want to hang your rings from;
  • Put one end of the straps through the loop of the ring;
  • Put that same strap end through the buckle system on your straps (just take notice to put it the right way through the buckle);
  • Adjust to the desired height and have fun with your training session!

That’s the How sorted.

Now, let’s get to the Where part.

Where To Set Up Your Gym Rings

You can pretty much hang your new set of gym rings from anywhere you can throw them over.

Just make sure the structure or object you’re hanging them from can safely support your weight and also make sure you have enough space to safely perform the exercises you’ll be performing.

So please keep your safety in mind and don’t go performing Inverted Hangs on flimsy tree branches or questionable doorway pull up bars.

Here are some of the most common spots you can hang them on:

  • Outdoor pull up bar at your local park or the like
  • Wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar
  • Doorway pull up bar if you want to train from the comfort of your own home like me 🙂 (again, make sure it’s sturdy!)
    best gymnastics rings
    My home set up
  • Gymnastics rings hangers
  • Power racks at your local gym or personal gym
  • Tree branches

I’m sure you can think about some other place where you can chuck your pair of gym rings over, use your creativity and the resources available to you in your immediate surroundings!

New To Rings Training?

If you’re new to Rings Training and don’t know exactly where or how you should start working out with them keep reading.

Now, I should say that you should not be completely new to training if you’re considering starting out with gymnastics rings.

That’s a BIG mistake and could potentially lead to an avoidable injury.

These are very hard and you shouldn’t just jump into them without a minimum base level of strength.

Here’s a rough guideline of the amount of strength you should’ve built up before starting out with the gym rings:

  • At least 15-20 quality parallel bar dips
  • At least 15-20 regular push-ups
  • At least 5-10 pull-ups

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry. Just work at it before working with the rings.
You can also check out an article of mine where I give you a simple and efficient calisthenics workout routine for beginners that will build the base level of strength that I’m talking about.

If you’ve already got your base down but are new to gymnastics rings training you should start with mastering the basic gymnastics rings exercises before you can move on to crazier stuff like ring muscle ups and L-sits and all that good stuff.

Here’s a great introductory video to rings strength training that Calisthenicmovement made you might be interested in:

Final Thoughts – Wrapping It Up

I hope that this list has helped you and that you got some knowledge and insight of which gymnastics rings to buy and which will best suit your individual needs.

If you have any questions or you think we missed a good product, let us know in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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  1. Good thing I was able to find a list on some of the best gymnastics rings as detailed as this. I have had to depend on the internet to get these because the area I stay in has nowhere for me to purchase them. I found your guide on how to purchase gymnastic rings really helpful and although I am not new on using these rings for working out, I still found the video really helpful. I learned some things I did not know before and would watch this over and over so I know exactly how to do it. 

    Out of all the options listed, I am obviously going to go for the best which is Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings. It is exactly the type of gymnastic rings I was looking for. Thanks for this helpful guide and for providing this list. I was able to get a lot from this.


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