Best Dip Bars 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best dip barsWe all know that dips are an essential exercise if we want to build muscle and build an overall strong, good-looking physique.

So naturally, it’s important that our equipment is up to par. We don’t want to be doing dips on wobbly bars. That’s a recipe for disaster.

That is why we have reviewed and put together a list of the best dip bars in 2019 that will be a perfect addition to your home or garage gym.

Best Dip Bars 2019

These dip stations were reviewed taking into consideration their quality, durability, as well as price and, are suitable for both home use and the outdoors, whenever the weather allows.

We’ve also included a short Buyer’s Guide at the end of the article where we point out what you should look for in a set of dip bars.

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity 
best dip barsLebert Fitness EQualizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bars400lbs Check Price
best dip barsYaheetech Dip Stand500lbs Check Price
best dip barsProsourceFit Dip Bars400lbs Check Price
best dip barsFuel Performance Dip Station300lbs Check Price
best dip barsTitan Fitness HD Dip Stand750lbs Check Price
best dip barsBody-Solid Dip Station GDIP59500lbs Check Price
best dip barsUltimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station300lbs Check Price
best dip barsLivebest Dip Stand325lbs Check Price
best dip barsUltimate Body Press Dip Station350lbs Check Price
best dip barsXMark Fitness Dip Station500lbs Check Price

Lebert Fitness EQualizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bars – Cool Calisthenics Dip Bars

best dip barsThese first dip bars are from Lebert Fitness and are called the EQualizer. A bit dramatic for a couple of dip bars,  I know.

They were created by Taekwondo black belt and personal training Marc Lebert, hence the company name.

The dip bars are designed in a simple manner and are portable making them ideal to carry around with you to the park or to your backyard.

If you prefer working out at home they’re easy to store somewhere when you’re done as they don’t take much space at all.

Each bar is wrapped with a bit of solid foam to give you an edge with your grip.

In addition to that, the bars are also lightweight though stable, claiming to hold up to 400lbs.

Something that we don’t like is the actual price of the product – they’re definitely on the expensive side for a couple of portable dip bars.

They come in 2 sizes – regular and XL – and 6 different colors featuring the legendary Frank Medrano’s signature in their Chrome color and Natalie Jill in Rose Gold for the ladies.

In short, these are a great, high-quality set of dip bars, albeit expensive dip bars, if you’re looking for something portable.
Gear Specifications
Dimensions: Regular – 28.5″H x 25″W / XL – 31″H x 25″W

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: Regular: 8 lbs each bar – total 16lbs / XL – 9lbs each bar – total 18

Weight Capacity: 400lbs


  • Lighweight
  • Portable
  • Stable – hold up to 400lbs
  • Well designed
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Available in XL – ideal for people over 6’1″
  • Easy to assemble
  • Instructional DVD included


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for heavy weighted dip work
  • Some reviewers have noted that the Regular size is kind of short if you’re over 5’7”

Yaheetech Dip Stand – Extremely Budget Friendly

best dip barsThe Yaheetech Dip Stand is a heavy duty dip stand made of high-quality iron that is capable of holding up to 500lbs.

This is a freestanding dip machine designed with knurled grips so as to reduce the risk of slipping when dipping.

It is equipped with long foot stands that provide stability and is equipped with anti-skid rubber pads to avoid any kind of damage done to your floor.

It has a great clearance from the ground at 51.5” making it ideal for taller people as well as for heavy weighted dip work – you won’t have to worry about your legs or your plates hitting the floor with this one.
Something to keep in mind though is that the width of the bars – clocking in at 26” – might be too wide for some, if not most people.

It’s also not something you can adjust to your preference as they are fixed so please make sure it is suitable for your frame or you might end up with something that you can’t use sitting in your home.

However, if you’re quite tall and broad-shouldered this might be a great dip stand for you.

All in all, these are a pretty decent set of heavy duty dip bars for home use, and great if you’re on a budget.

Gear Specifications
Unit Size: 39.5 x 25.5 x 53 inch (L x W x H)

Body made from 2″ x 2″ steel bars

1 1/2″ diameter grip

15.7″ Longhand grips

Material: Iron

Color: Black

Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs

Unit Weight: 35.42lbs


  • Heavy duty
  • Knurled grips
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely Budget Friendly
  • Suitable for weighted dip work
  • Decent clearence from the ground


  • Might be too wide for most people due to bar width at 26”

ProsourceFit Dip Bars – Best Portable Dip Bars

best dip barsNext up we have a couple of portable dip bars made by ProsourceFit.

They’re made out of powder coated, sturdy iron tubes that can safely support up to 400lbs in additional weight.

They come with padded grips for higher comfort and are equipped with rubber feet to help prevent slipping.

These ProsourceFit bars come with a cool little feature – a stabilizing safety connector that extends the length between the bars from 16 1/4” to 23 1/4”.

Also, you have a choice between 3 colors: black, red and yellow.

I’d say these are pretty similar to the Lebert ones and of equal, if not superior, quality but without the premium brand price attached to it.

Averaging a 4.8/5 star rating across 52 customer reviews this dip station is definitely a customer favorite and is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for a set of high-quality portable, adjustable dip bars at a decent price.
Gear Specifications
Each bar is 24 inches wide, 3 inches high, and is adjustable up to 35 inches

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Material: Iron

Color: available in black, yellow or red

Maximum weight capacity: 400 lbs

Weigh: 23,5 lbs


  • Portable & Adjustable Set
  • Padded grips
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • Stabilizing safety connector
  • Holds up to 400lbs
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Affordable
  • Great customer satisfaction


  • May not be sturdy enough for people over 200lbs
  • May not be tall enough for people over 6ft

Fuel Performance Dip Station – Inexpensive Heavy Duty Dip Station

best dip barsThe Fuel Performance dip station is built with 14 gauge steel and finished with a durable powder coating to prevent any rusting over time.

It is, therefore, a heavy duty dip station that is designed with angled grips to allow you to adjust the width to your specific body type.

This dip station is also equipped with grip paddings to help with the grip and also to make it more comfortable when you’re working out.

Something I’m not a big fan of is that there is no option in the color of the unit. Although not exactly a major buying consideration would be nice to have the option.
Overall, a great, sturdy piece of equipment to have in your home gym that will allow you to get your dip work in for the day.
Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 26.77″ x 22.05″ x 35.63″

Material: 14 gauge steel

Color: Black & Blue

Maximum recommended weight capacity: 300 lbs

Weight: 17 lbs


  • Sturdy 14 gauge steel construction
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Angled grips to suit individual needs
  • Great design


  • Only available in Black & Blue
  • Some reviewers have noted that it may take up to 40 minutes to assemble

Titan Fitness HD Dip Stand – Good For Beginners

best dip barsThe Titan Fitness HD Dip Stand stands out for its design. It is a single piece unit which makes it more stable than the standard double piece dip bars.

Although it is lightweight and doesn’t look like it can hold up that much additional weight, its maximum weight capacity is actually in the order of 750 pounds. More than you’ll ever need, I’m sure.

This dip stand is also equipped with foam grip handles to help with the grip and to provide comfort, and its base is equipped with pads to protect your floors and to provide a bit of extra stability to ensure safety.

One thing I don’t like is that you cannot adjust the width of the bars to your liking. It’s set at 20”.

Because of its one-piece design, it is pretty easy to assemble and it won’t take much time to put together and get it workout ready.

In short, this is a fine portable single piece dip stand that has some advantages over the other portable dip bars. Although it also has some disadvantages, such as taking up more space making it harder to put away and to move around.
Gear Specifications
Height: 39”

Width: 34.5”

Length: 31.35”

Handle Dimensions: 20” wide / 1.5” diameter

Material: Steel

Color: Black

Weight capacity: 750 lbs

Weight: 19 lbs


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy – holds up to 750lbs
  • Portable


  • One-piece design makes it take up more room, harder to store away/ carry with you
  • Not adjustable – bar width set at 20” apart

Body-Solid Dip Station GDIP59 – Serious Heavy Duty Dip Station

best dip barsOK, this next dip station is a great option for those of you who are into your heavy weighted dip work and are looking for something sturdy to add to your garage or home gym.

The frame is of heavy-gauge 2 by a 3-inch steel construction and is finished with an electrostatically applied powder coat.

At a 53 inch height, it has great clearance from the ground and like I said, great for weighted dip work.

The bars themselves are angled making them 19” apart at the base and 21” at the end, ideal for small adjustments to individual needs.

In addition to that, the handles are oversized 1” bars with extra-thick, slip-proof rubber grips to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Furthermore, the station comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which is always nice.

The only negative thing I can point out is that it’s really a small investment in yourself and in your home gym you’re making here. It’s certainly an expensive piece of equipment.

With a 4.6/5 star rating across 112 customer reviews, this product is well tried and tested.

In conclusion, this is one of the best heavy duty freestanding dip stations out there but also one of the most expensive ones.Would definitely recommend for those of you who are either really serious about your training and are doing heavy weighted dips regularly and want something sturdy and safe to add to your garage or home gym, or are really heavy and want something stable and safe to dip on.
Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 38 by 27 by 53” (L x W x H)

Handle Dimensions: 19” at base & 21” at the end, oversized 1” bars

Material: Heavy-gauge steel

Weight: 44 lbs


  • Heavy duty
  • Suitable for weighted dips
  • Angled bars allow for slight adjustments
  • Oversized 1” bars
  • Extra-thick, non-slip rubber grips
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Expensive
  • Hard to move around – 44lbs dip station

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station – Best Wall Mounted Dip Station

best dip barsFor those of you looking to mount your dip station onto your bedroom, office or garage gym wall, the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station might be the option for you.

It is of heavy duty steel construction finished with a gun-metal gray powder coating.

Includes padded foam grips and it is equipped with back and armrests for vertical knee raises and leg raises also.

The dip station assembly, mounting hardware, and installation instructions are included, so you won’t need to worry about the installation process too much – it is pretty straightforward.

Now, is it cheap? Not exactly but it is definitely a durable and viable option.
All in all, a pretty decent wall mounted dip station that’ll get the job done and last you for years to come.
Gear Specifications
Material: Steel

Weight: 21.5 lbs

Color: Black


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy home installation
  • USA Tech support available
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee included


  • Pricey
  • Non-adjustable

Livebest Dip Stand

best dip barsWhat’s cool about this unit of Livebest Heavy Duty Dip Stand is that you can adjust it to height. Which a pretty neat feature if you’re going to share this stand with another person for example.

The dip station itself is built with a heavy duty steel frame and is equipped with 4 non-slip rubber foot pads to help with stability as well as for preventing any damage to your floor.

With that being said, some reviewer’s have noted that it still can scratch your floors and that the bar handles smell kind of bad. Like a bad plastic smell. Although not a deal breaker and easily sorted out, it might still be something you want to take into consideration.
Overall a simple, heavy duty dip stand with some cool little features such as the ability to adjust to height and having to push up handles should you want to use them.
Gear Specifications
Unit dimensions: 41.4″- 51.2″ H x 27.8″ L x 28.7″ W

Material: Steel

Weight capacity: 325 lbs

Weight: 33lbs

Color: Gray


  • Adjustable to height
  • Heavy duty
  • Maximum weight capacity of 325lbs


  • Bar width not adjustable
  • Can scratch your floors

Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

best dip barsAnother Ultimate Body Press product that has made it onto the list here, but this time it is with a portable dip station and not wall mounted.

This is quite an ingenious product – it is a patented adjustable dip station that allows for 2 width positions and can stand up to 3 feet tall to fit people up to 6.5′ and can support up to 350lbs in additional weight.

Furthermore, it can be easily folded for transportation or for easier storage.

The grips are angled and equipped with foam pads to help with the grip and comfort.

In short, this is a decent dip station that lets you adjust the width of the bars which not all single piece stations allow, which is a good thing. I just wish they were cheaper.
Gear Specifications
Unit dimensions: 24” x 36” 36” (HxLxW)

Bar diameter: 1.5”

Material: Steel

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Weight: 18.5lbs


  • Versatile – adjustable widths from 19” to 24”
  • USA Tech support available
  • 3′ frame suitable for users up to 6’5”
  • Holds up to 350lbs
  • Great patented design
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee included
  • Easy assembly


  • Pricey for portable stand
  • Some reviewer’s have stated that it could be sturdier

XMark Fitness Dip Station – Great Value For Money

best dip barsThe XMark Fitness Dip Tower features a heavy duty mainframe construction with back and armrests for vertical knee raises and push up handles to included.

The cushions for the back and armrests are tear and sweat resistant vinyl.

It is finished with a scratch resistant powder gray coating and comes with skid resistant feet to keep it from scratching your floors and help with the stability of the unit as well.

Unless you have someone to help you, you’ll have to assemble this unit yourself, which could take you a couple of hours. 
Quite a simple product and effective product that will satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a heavy duty dip tower. It’ll definitely take whatever you can throw at it and will hold up over the years, that’s for sure.
Gear Specifications
Dimensions: 65” x 49” x 25” (HxLxW)

Bars width: 21”


  • Heavy duty construction
  • versatile – back and armrests and push up handles for other exercises
  • Suitable for heavy weighted dip work


  • Bar width not adjustable – set at 21”
  • Takes up a lot of space

Dip Bars – Considerations & Buyer’s Guide


As for the material of your dip bars you should be looking for something that is made from iron or steel as these are the most durable and sturdy materials.

And that’s what you want in a good dip station. You don’t want them moving around or wobbling. You want them nice and stable.

All of the dip bars and stands that have made it onto our list are all made of either high-quality stainless steel in most cases and iron as well.

Don’t buy anything made out of plastic, even if it is PVC as is common in the DIY world.

In my opinion, that’s just asking for trouble and you’ll be much better off with something made out of steel or iron.


Obviously, keep the dimensions of the actual dip bars in mind.

Find out how much space you can dedicate towards the new piece of equipment in your home or garage gym and keep that in mind when you make your decision.

Do you have enough space for a monster dip tower like the XMark Fitness one? Or perhaps something smaller would be better?

Features & Personal Goals

It’s also important that you choose a unit that is in alignment with your set up and personal goals.

What are you personally looking for in a set of dip bars?

Are you going to be moving them around much? Maybe you’d like to take them out to your backyard or park when the sun is shining?

In which case, it would probably be best to choose a couple of portable dip bars that will allow you to do that.

Are you buying them as an addition to your garage gym and you’d rather have something more sturdy rather than having them being portable and easy to carry around?

You’d probably be better off opting for a heavy duty dip station or a wall mountable one that will be a nice fit on your wall next to you pull up bar.

Are you really into your weighted dip game and will be dipping a crazy amount of plates on there?

In which case, you will most likely benefit from a huge dip tower that will last you for many years to come.

My recommendation? Ask yourself these questions and choose what best fits YOU and your current goals and training set up.


Also, keep in mind your budget. An important aspect to keep in mind.

While my training is one of the main priorities in my life and if you’re serious about getting good results you should make it a priority in yours too, it’s definitely not the only priority and definitely something I wouldn’t recommend you breaking the bank on.

Some of these dip stations are expensive and are not for everyone. Some of these are considered a small investment.

Draw your budget and stick to it. There’s plenty of cheap options that will get the job done and allow you to make plenty of progress.

Are Dips Safe?

There seems to be this misconception around Dips in the Fitness Industry where a lot of people think that Dips are a dangerous exercise and that they’re bad for your shoulders.

The truth is, every exercise has the potential to be dangerous if performed incorrectly or recklessly.

Most people that do get shoulder injuries from doing Dips probably performed the exercise with bad form, used a larger range of motion that their body allows and/or didn’t warm up properly before training.

If you know what you’re doing Dips are completely safe and are one of the basic compound movements you should be doing to build a strong and great looking physique.

So if you want to stay injury free and reap the gains that the Dips can offer you, you should always keep these points in mind:

  • Always warm-up properly before training;
  • Always perform the exercise with good form;
  • Always use a range a motion that is appropriate for you specifically and don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s different.

If you don’t know how deep you should dip, here’s a great video from FitnessFAQs that goes in-depth on this topic:

To Sum It Up – Final Thoughts

There are many kinds of dip bars – portable, heavy duty, wall mounted, towers – and it is therefore important that you choose one that will best suit you and will allow you to reach your fitness goals.

I hope you found our list of the top 10 best dip bars useful and that it’s helped you choose a good fit for you.

If you think we’ve missed any good ones or you have any questions, please drop a comment down below and let us know!

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    I guess a sturdy level ground is required in order to use these dip bars, as I can imagine if they are used incorrectly the dip bar could topple and cause injury.  I see that you do talk about the proper use to minimize injury and I found that to be useful.  

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  2. I’m thinking for my husband, I’m going to grab the ProsourceFit Dip Bars.  I like the style, but I also like the price.  They have the padded grips he needs (his hands bother him sometimes) and at our age, we do need the rubber feet to make sure there’s no slipping and the stabilizing safety connector, too.  I guess I’ll let him choose the color, lol.  The price is great, too.  Thanks for sharing this article and giving us a lot of great choices for this!

  3. Among the dip bars listed here, it is the Fuel Performance Dip Station that I really like. The reason is, it’s small in size fits my body built as I am just 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is typical for Southeast Asians. I have checked the price in Amazon and it fits my budget too.

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    I think that the second choice is the best one. The yaheetech deep stand. It has a great design and it looks very strong. 

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    I know, I’m a woman, I might not know much about the subject. But, I do exercise and those are the specifications I look for in my dip bar.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This indeed is a long list of dip bars making it more difficult for some to make a choice. But However I think I will go with the Xmark product. Not actually because it’s the best in the list just that it’s Con is the one I feel like i can leave with as long as I have enough space to place it. Thanks for the information by the way

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